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Interactive Audio Courses are a powerful and convenient way to make serious change in your life.

> All courses feature individual weekly sessions where you learn advanced strategies to clarify your goals, remove and obstacles and take action.

> After listening to each session you will have the chance to complete the worksheet for that session and refine your personal achievement.

> To reinforce your progress all courses utilise Imagination Experience technology and include a hypnotic audio CD for daily listening.

> Training is essential to success but so is support. To make sure that you're getting the most from your course you will have access to 24 online assistance to answer and questions.

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John Francis Leader Achievement Blog

Intensive Live Training allows you to master some of the most fundamental yet most misunderstood skills for your success.

> The ABC's of Success™ live training event gives you the opportunity to learn, strategise, practice and apply a deeper insight into Achievement, Balance and Communication.

> Achievement ability empowers you to clarify what you want in life, set goals and milestones, resolve conflicts and make progress with powerful motivation.

> Balance ability enables you to maintain high energy levels and promote vibrant health whilst naturally developing strong self-control.

> Communication ability allows you to influence other people and sell anything as well as create great relationships and enhance your public speaking and personal skills

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John Francis Leader Achievement Blog

Consultancy and Support is all about identifying your skills and putting them to use proactively towards your personal success using the Integrated Achievement approach.

> Personal Achievement Consultancy is designed to accelerate your personal progress by providing you with the support you need to get where you want to go.

> Business Success Consultancy focuses on your financial and organisational success through a practical understanding and application of the psychology of wealth.

> Practitioner Support Consultancy offers support to therapists, coaches and other wellbeing practitioners dedicated to enhancing their client's quality of life.

> Private One to One Consultancy is available for an entirely customised therapeutic experience where you focus on all aspects of your success and wellbeing.

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